Admissions FAQ
(Frequently Asked Questions)

The college decision is an important one for students and their families. It’s always wise to take time to seek out answers to the questions you have, so that you can make an informed decision. HBU’s admissions counselors are always available to answer questions, but to give you a head start, they have put together a list of their most frequently asked questions about the admission process and life at HBU. If you don’t see the answers you need, please contact your admissions counselor. They’re here to help as you make your college decision.

Is there an application deadline?

Is an application fee required and if so, how much?

Does the University have a minimum SAT/ACT requirement?

Does your university combine multiple SAT/ACT scores?

Do I have to submit an essay as part of my application?

What if I fail to meet the minimum admissions standards?

Does the University accept students who have completed a home school curriculum?

Will the university accept the General Education Diploma (GED)?

Does the university accept dual credit?

What are the transfer admissions requirements?

Will credit hours from another university transfer?

What types of scholarships and grants does HBU offer?

Can students register online or over the phone?

Do I have to live on campus?

Does out of state tuition apply?

How many courses are considered a full load?

Are internships and study-abroad programs available?

Does the university have a graduate school?

What year was the campus founded?

How large is your campus?

Does Houston Baptist require that students be of the Christian faith to attend?

What is Community Life and Worship?

What types of sports does HBU offer?

What is your student-to-teacher ratio?

Is there a student health clinic on campus?

Are jobs available on campus?

Does HBU provide overnight housing for prospective students?

What attractions are within a reasonable distance to HBU?