Information for Parents

What is the campus atmosphere like?

HBU offers a small, intimate campus setting where students can thrive in the classroom and in their relationships with fellow students.

What activities are available to students on campus?

With over 70+ student organizations, greek life, intramural sports, mission trips, community service projects, Division I athletic events and our student programming board, there is always something to participate in!

Are freshmen required to live on campus?

Freshmen are not required to live on campus if they are commuting from home. We do highly encourage living on campus to foster community and relationships quickly.

Is there a curfew when living on campus?

There is no curfew on campus but we do have a gate that surrounds the campus that closes at 11 PM. For re-entry, students will need to provide a current student ID.

How safe is the campus?

The campus is very safe although we are in a metropolitan area. Our police force patrol campus 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Their offices are located just outside of campus and have someone to assist in any emergency.

When will my student register for classes?

Incoming freshman will have their first semester schedule created for them based on the major that they have declared. They will receive their schedule at Freshmen Orientation.

How long before the deposit is non-refundable?

The enrollment deposit is refundable up until May 1st.

Can my student check the status of their application online?

Your student is encouraged to contact their admissions counselor to check their application status. Their counselor will also be available to assist and answer any questions you may have.

Can I check my financial aid package information online?

Once you complete and submit the FAFSA, you may contact our financial aid office to see your package. Your student may also sign into their HuskyNet account to accept/decline any offered awards.

What is the general process to apply to the nursing program?

The Nursing program has a separate application and requirements. You can find out more at

What are HBU’s most popular majors?

Our most popular majors include Nursing, Psychology, Biology, and Business.