Transient Students

Transient students are current undergraduate students at a university other than HBU who desire to enroll at HBU for a single term with the intension of returning to their university. This excludes students who have already earned a bachelor's degree.

Application Process

  1. Submit Transient Course Request Form
  2. After submission of form, submit the Transfer Application
    • Select I'm applying as a: Transient Student (first question)
    • Admitted students will receive an acceptance letter in the mail
  3. Submit official transcript from current university to:
    • HBU Admissions, 7502 Fondren, Houston, TX 77074
  4. If under the age of 22, submit proof of meningitis vaccination
    (expires after 5 years) attached with HBU meningitis form to:
    • (281) 649-3217 (fax) or
    • (scan and email)
    • Vaccine must be administered at least 10 days before class begins
  5. ‚ÄčSee Registration Process below. For Summer 2016, here is an overview:
    • We will go through students in the order that Transient Course Request Forms have been submitted.  
    • We will then confirm that the student has turned in their college transcript and been admitted.
    • If admitted, we will contact the student to confirm the class requested.  
    • Next, we will confirm that the student's transcript shows that he/she has completed all prerequisite courses with a "C" or better.  
    • We will then either register the student (if no prerequisite required for the desired course), or will request an override from the dean of the appropriate department to be generated for the student and then register the student.
    • Next, we will email the student with info on how to access their class schedule, how to make payments, etc.

Registration Process

All new students to HBU will register according to HBU's priority registration schedule. This means transient students will be able to register after all other student types have registered. We will complete this registration process for you and send you a confirmation email once registration is completed.  While we understand there is a limited amount of space in courses, we must adhere to our registration protocol. Thank you for understanding our commitment to honor our students' priority to course availability.

Questions about tuition and fees for Summer 2016?  
  • Summer Tuition: $550 per semester hour
  • Summer Fees: $370 for entire summer

Course Schedule

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