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Greetings from the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences!

The College of Education and Behavioral Sciences (COEBS) houses a distinguished teacher education program and a well-respected psychology program for both undergraduates and graduates. Small classes taught by university professors within a positive climate for learning are a key focus of the college.

The mission of the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences is to prepare students to be effective citizens and professional educators, administrators, counselors, and researchers who reflect Christ in their work and service.
To accomplish this mission, we will provide students with the following:
  • the courses and mentoring necessary for a solid pedagogical grounding in their discipline;
  • essential learning experiences that will provide opportunities to develop knowledge, skills and wisdom; and
  • an understanding of their Christian mission and calling to influence individuals and the larger society.

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The School of Education

The School of Education offers undergraduate, graduate and post baccalaureate programs for educators and prospective educators.  Local school districts actively seek our graduates as the best qualified to be in the classroom.  The Educator Preparation Program (EPP) is noted for its field-based training, integration of technology, and student-centered approach to teaching.

The Undergraduate Education Programs prepares student to become professional teachers for the public and private early childhood, elementary, middle and high schools based on a liberal arts foundation.  Local school districts actively seek our graduates as the best qualified to be in the classroom.  For more information regarding the undergraduate education programs, please click on applicable link at bottom of the page.

The Masters of Education program offers a variety of degrees leading to initial certification and additional certifications. Students have the opportunity to earn both a MEd degree and the standard state certification for Texas schools.  The program focus is to develop teachers and leaders in school administration and special services to be successful assets in school operations.  For more information regarding MEd programs, please see applicable link at bottom of page.

The Post-Baccalaureate with Certification (PBC) program is an option for attaining initial teacher certification in Texas. 
This program is approved by the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC).  The PBC provides the opportunity for a student with a Bachelor’s degree who meets the PBC admission requirements to be employed as a full-time teacher in an area school district while completing the course requirements.   Eighteen hours of the required coursework may be applied toward a HBU Masters of Education degree.  For more information regarding the PBC program, please click here or follow the link applicable link at the bottom of the page.

The EdD in Executive Educational Leadership program will prepare doctoral candidates to perform in a variety of executive leadership positions. Graduates of the program will serve, for example, as human resource directors in private companies and non-profit organizations, superintendents, principals in public, private and charter schools, university faculty and community college administrators. As educators and administrators, these graduates will lead and manage multiple campuses and departments in diverse settings where the primary emphasis is on student learning and quality teaching. This program will begin in Fall 2016.

The Center for the Preparation of Professional Educators (CPPE), housed in the School of Education, provides a number of different services for students seeking to become educators and students in the Educator Preparation Program (EPP).  For additional information about field experience, applying to the EPP, preparing for and taking TExES certification exams, applying for clinical teaching, and other services, please visit the CPPE webpage.

The School of Psychology

The COEBS Psychology program promotes active learning by setting clear and high expectations and providing students with timely feedback on their progress.  The COEBS undergraduate and graduate programs provide multiple settings for learning -- classroom, computer laboratory, field placements, co-curricular activities -- which produce graduates who think scientifically, speak and write well, and respect and appreciate others.  For detailed information concerning undergraduate and graduate degrees, please click on applicable link at bottom of the page.

Degrees and Programs


Pre-Professional Programs


Department of Curriculum and Instruction

The Department of Curriculum and Instruction offers both undergraduate and graduate degree programs inclusive of the following Educator Preparation Tracks: Elementary Education (EC-6), Middle (Grades 4-8), Secondary (Grades 8-12), and All-Level Studies(EC – 12). In addition, our unique Alternative Certification Program (ACP) is housed here. Each program prepares students for certification as teachers in the state of Texas.

Department of Educational Leadership and Counseling

The Department of Educational Leadership and Counseling offers four graduate programs with coursework leading to Educational Administration (MEd), School Counseling (MEd), Licensed Professional Counseling (MAP-LPC), or Christian Counseling (MACC).

Department of Psychology

The Department of Psychology offers an undergraduate program (BA in Psychology) and two graduate programs (Master of Arts in Psychology and Master of Arts in Psychology: Licensed Specialist in School Psychology).

Department of Special Populations

The Department of Special Populations consists of programs geared towards preparing teachers for careers in Bilingual and Special Education. These two programs include options for both undergraduate and graduate students who wish to be certified to teach in a bilingual classroom setting or in the field of special education. This department also provides coursework leading to a certificate in Gifted and Talented.