Meritorious Service Award

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This award will be presented to alumni who have made significant, sustained contributions of time, energy and creativity toward the advancement of the University. They must show continuing interest and exemplify standards upon which Houston Baptist University is founded.

// 2014 Meritorious Service Alumnus Award //

Stephanie & Aaron Diehl

The 2014 recipient of the Meritorious Service Alumnus Award is Stephanie and Aaron Diehl. Aaron M. Diehl graduated from HBU in 2006 with a Bachelors of Business Administration. His wife Stephanie graduated from HBU in 2008 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing.

Aaron and Stephanie have been long time supporters of HBU as students and continue to serve The University as young alumni. They are both current members of the HBU Football Founders, the group of supporters that was that critical in launching the HBU Football program.
Aaron and Stephanie have also been very supportive of HBU academics. In 2013 they established the Diehl Family Endowed Scholarship. This Endowed Scholarship was part of a matching program geared to raise funds from HBU alumni.
The Diehls recently celebrated their 8th wedding anniversary and they have two beautiful daughters— Elle and Kate.
Aaron and Stephanie are great examples of the time and energy that is essential in continuing to grow HBU as a great institution. They are truly “Forever Huskies.”

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