HBU Press Releases

Dr. William Lane Craig to Join Faculty of Houston Baptist University

February 4, 2014

Dr. Craig WilliamsHouston Baptist University is pleased to announce that Dr. William Lane Craig will join the faculty as a Professor of Philosophy in the Fall of 2014.  Dr. Craig is an internationally known philosopher and theologian. He has authored or edited more than 40 books and over 150 journal articles, including his signature book Reasonable Faith. Recognized for his groundbreaking work in philosophy of time and in philosophy of religion, Dr. Craig is also well known as a teacher and debater. He has successfully debated prominent atheists such as Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and the late Christopher Hitchens.
Through his web-based ministry ReasonableFaith.org, Dr. Craig offers scholarly and popular resources to persons across the faith spectrum from atheism to Christianity.
Dr. Craig will come to the Houston-based campus twice a year to teach courses primarily to graduate students studying philosophy in the School of Christian Thought. He will also present one HBU-sponsored public event each semester for the benefit of the broader Houston community.
“William Lane Craig is a formidable proponent of the Christian faith, and his scholarly expertise is surpassed only by his love for Jesus Christ. We are thrilled to have him join our already exceptional cadre of nationally and internationally known School of Christian Thought faculty,” said HBU president Robert B. Sloan, Jr.
Craig is the latest in a succession of recent hires designed to position HBU as a premier center for the academic study of philosophy, apologetics, and theology within its School of Christian Thought. He joins an accomplished faculty of philosophers including Dr. Russell Hemati, Dr. John Mark Reynolds, Dr. Jerry Walls, Dr. Bruce L. Gordon, and Dr. Jeremy Neill.
Other recent additions to the School of Christian Thought include Lee Strobel, best-selling author and evangelist; Nancy Pearcey, called “America’s pre-eminent evangelical Protestant female intellectual” by The Economist magazine; and Dr. Michael Ward, the world’s foremost expert on imaginative apologetics and C. S. Lewis.
Notable faculty appointments are only part of the momentum building at HBU; the University recently unveiled a Master Plan for development of the academic, residential and retail zones on its campus, and celebrated an all-time-high enrollment of freshman and total students in the fall semester of 2013. Additionally, fall of 2014 will mark the newly formed Husky football team’s first official season of NCAA Division I play.