Houston Baptist University Catalog

Business Administration (BUSA) Course Descriptions

BUSA 1305 The World of Business
Prerequisite(s): None
A foundations course that emphasizes decision making in an ever-changing world economy. The focus is on building a foundation for key success factors and life skills, including professionalism, communications, global and cultural awareness, team-based decision making, critical thinking, technological competence, and business language. Some emphasis is placed on career guidance, including an appreciation for the functional areas of business. BUSA 1305 is required by all BBA majors and BA-Managerial Studies majors. The course is to be taken by Business majors in their first semester, or within the first 12 hours of matriculating into the Archie W. Dunham College of Business. The course may be taken by non-Business majors who have earned less than 90 credit hours.

BUSA 2301 Business Math
Prerequisite(s): MATH 1313 or higher
This course covers selected topics of one- and multi-variable calculus with applications in business and economics. It will provide business students with the appropriate conceptual and computational mathematical background for future business study and economic analysis.

BUSA 2311 Quantitative Methods I
Prerequisite(s): MATH 1313 or higher and (CISM 1321 or passing the Computer Proficiency Exam)
Computation of statistical measures and applications to business including averages, dispersion, statistical inferences, linear regression and correlation.

BUSA 2320 Legal Environment of Business
Prerequisite(s): None
A study of the legal environment of business, the role of law in society, the judicial process, and government regulation. Emphases are given to the law of contracts, torts, intellectual property, as well as employment law dealing with discrimination and its relation to human resources.

BUSA 3320 Business Ethics
Prerequisite(s): None
The goal of the Business Ethics class is to prepare students for success in global business. This will be achieved by helping students develop and apply a framework for identifying the ethical implications (personal, corporate, and social) of the various business practices they will encounter in an international market. A balance will be given to universal issues raised when adopting an ethical system and the particular issues involved in applying the ethical system to business issues. Main topics include: philosophical and cultural foundations of Business Ethics, applying ethical principles in the market place, and how to set up and carry out an effective Business Ethics program in an organization. The particular human resources issues of diversity, whistle blowing, recruiting and hiring, and compensation will be discussed as part of the application of ethical principles.

BUSA 3330 Career Development Strategies
Prerequisite(s): Completion of 64 credit hours
This course is designed to introduce students to the principles, methods, and practices of achieving career goals with emphasis on the exploration of career opportunities and paths, identification of strengths, resume development, cover letter composition, interviewing, networking, professional image, employment law (including workplace harassment and workplace privacy), financial security benefits and health care benefits, and the use of technology in achieving career goals.

BUSA 4301 International Business
Prerequisite(s): None
This course combines classroom work with international travel and provides the student with direct contact with managers operating in other countries. An international trip is scheduled at the end of the course. Class time will cover basic principles of global business and cross-cultural interaction. It will particularly emphasize cultural and historical differences in the countries the students will visit and how those differences produce different managerial styles and contrasting business practices. In addition, students will do through research, preparation, and presentations on the specific companies they are scheduled to visit. There are no prerequisites for this course. However, students whose advisors wish to allow this course to substitute for one of the required senior seminars must meet the prerequisites for the senior seminars - 80 or more total hours including a minimum of 15 hours in business - in order to receive credit. This class may not be taken in the semester a student intends to graduate.

BUSA 4320 Business Law
Prerequisite(s): BUSA 2320
Study of the uniform commercial code applied to commercial documents. Introduction to creditors' rights and bankruptcy, agency and employment, business organizations, and property law.

BUSA 4340 Internship
Prerequisite(s): See the Archie W. Dunham College of Business Internship Coordinator for current prerequisite information
The course is an integrating field experience by which students learn actual business practices by undertaking responsible roles in an organization. The students develop interpersonal skills while acquiring practical knowledge in their disciplines. The students are exposed to various work roles and career choices.

BUSA 4399 Global Business Strategy
Prerequisite(s): FINA 3320 and MGMT 3302 and MKTG 3301 and completion of 90 credit hours
Global Business Strategy is a capstone course in business designed to integrate concepts and knowledge from a broad range of core business courses. The course considers the increasingly global context in which firms operate and develops a strategic view of the firm through a variety of management tools, models, and current debates. The capstone experience encourages significant group-based work through use of case studies and a computer simulation with global participants.