Student Handbook

Spiritual Life Department

In fulfilling the Spiritual Life Mission Statement we seek to foster Christian community life and worship by creating experiences for students, faculty, and staff in spiritual formation that will support the integration of faith and learning. The theme for 2013-2014 is "Love God-Love Others," Matthew 22:37-39: "Jesus replied, 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself.'"

The Spiritual Life Department includes the Community Life and Worship Program, Student Ministries, and ACTS (Assisting Communities Through Students). Contact the Spiritual Life staff or visit the Spiritual Life Office, located on the second floor of the Baugh Center.

Community Life and Worship (CLW) Graduation Requirement

All students seeking an undergraduate degree (full-time or part-time) have a CLW Graduation requirement of 80 credits. Students are encouraged to garner a minimum of 10 credits per semester until the full requirement is met and to complete their CLW requirement before their last semester. Students must satisfy this requirement in order to graduate from HBU.

Community Life and Worship website provides details about available CLW events. Questions about the CLW graduation requirement or the Spiritual Life Program may be directed to the Spiritual Life Office.

Transfer Students will receive a transfer credit of 3/4 credit for every transfer hour. For example, a student with 40 transfer hours will receive 30 CLW credits towards the requirement of 80 CLW credits. Please note the requirements below for those entering the university for the first time after the 2010-11 academic years.

Community Life and Worship Credit Events – The CLW program offers a variety of events each semester and students are encouraged to attend. A maximum of 20 credits will be allowed per semester. For all new transfer and freshmen students matriculating into the university starting fall 2010, the CLW requirement has changed to the following:

Section A - Worship Events (a minimum of 50 CLW credits must be accrued)
Wednesday Convocation 1 credit
Power Wednesday (first Wednesday of each month) 2 credits
Thursday Convocation 1 credit (per Convocation)
Power Thursday Convocation (first Thursday of each month) 2 credits
Opening Convocation 2 credits
Founders' Day 2 credits
Honors Convocation 2 credits
Spiritual Emphasis Week 1 credit (per Convocation)
Passion Week 1 credit (per Convocation)
Quest (contemporary worship service) 1 credit (per Quest)
Power Quest (first Tuesday of each month) 2 credits
Fellowship of Christian Athletes 1 credit
CS Lewis Worship/Bible Study 1 credit
Section B - Community Life Events (No more than 30 CLW credits)
ACTS Volunteer Program (must be pre-approved)
ACTS Weekly Service Opportunities 1 credit
Campus Service Days 2 credits
HBU sponsored Mission Learning Opportunities 5 credits/week
Mission Trips (pre-approved) 5 credits/week
Service Learning 20 credits (1 internship/career)
Church Leadership 20 credits (1 internships/career)
Student Ministries
FOCUS Student Conference Up to 3 credits
See You at the Columns 1 credit
ABIDE Prayer Retreat Up to 3 credits
Passion Conference Up to 3 credits
Other Alternatives
Organization Sponsored Events 1 credit
CLW Small Group Bible Studies 1 credit
University Sponsored Lectures 1 credit
Seminars and special opportunities 2-3 credits
Dunham Bible Museum 2 credits
Early Church Exhibit 2 credits
Traveling Exhibit 2 credits
C.S. Lewis/Nooma DVD's Up to 15 credits

Organization Sponsored Events - CLW credits must be approved by the Spiritual Life Office. A student organization may submit a request to the Spiritual Life Office for an event to receive CLW credit. The request form is available on the HBU portal under HBU forms. The CLW Credit Request Form must meet the approval criteria and be submitted 10 days prior to the event. The event must support community life and worship on campus and the mission of HBU. Once an event is approved, the organization is responsible for properly promoting the event.

Attendance and Tracking - A representative designated by the Spiritual Life Office will be available at approved events to record attendance. The student is responsible for having his/her attendance recorded by ID card scan or sign-in. A student may only sign in twice per semester at Convocation. Participants do not receive credit when they arrive late, leave early, fail to sign-in or scan-in, or distract someone else from participating. Students may check their CLW record on their HuskyNet account. It is the student's responsibility to notify the Spiritual Life Office with any questions regarding his or her CLW record. In the case of a discrepancy in the student CLW record, changes in credit can only be done for the semester prior to the request.

Petitions Policy - All students seeking an undergraduate degree must complete the 80 CLW credit requirement in order to graduate. No petitions are accepted requesting a decrease in credit requirement. A student may petition to earn credit beyond the semester limit but only the semester in which graduation is to occur. Note that the CLW committee will make a decision regarding the petition and is pleased to help the student work out a plan on a case-by-case basis. Petition forms are available in the Spiritual Life Office.

Baptist Student Ministry

In Baptist Student Ministry, our desire is to equip students to live a disciplined life following Christ. This is accomplished by:
  • Challenging believers to daily grow in their desire to know God more intimately.
  • Helping students to identify their spiritual gifts in order to more uniquely fit into the body of Christ
  • Leading those involved to discover the richness of the diversity on our campus.
  • Equipping leaders to share the Good News of Jesus Christ here and around the world.

Ministry Leadership Council

Ministry Leadership Council (MLC) gives students an opportunity to grow in leadership in such ministries as:
  • Commuter Ministry
  • Disciple Now
  • Freshman Fellowship
  • Mission Munchies
  • Prayer Team
  • Evangelism
  • Student Missions
  • Worship

Weekly Ministry Activities

  • Mission Munchies - Weekly meal immediately following Wednesday Convocation is provided by student organizations and local churches. Minimum donation of $1 is applied toward student missions.
  • Freshman Fellowship - Monthly gathering for freshmen - full of discipleship and fun on advertised Thursdays.
  • Prayer Counseling - Each Tuesday after Quest.
  • Freshmen Involved in Reaching Maturity (F.I.R.M.) - These groups of freshmen meet weekly for discipleship, accountability, and outreach.
  • Special opportunities to Live In Discipleship (S.O.L.I.D.) - These groups take the principles of  F.I.R.M. to the next level for upperclassmen.

Other Opportunities

  • FOCUS Student Conference
  • Spiritual Emphasis Week
  • Student Mission Opportunities
  • Disciple Now Teams
  • See You at the Pole (outside M.D. Anderson Student Center) 
  • National Day of Prayer
  • ABIDE Prayer Retreat
  • Prayer Walks
  • Passion Conferences
Please come by the Baptist Student Ministry Office, located on the second floor of the Baugh Center or contact Danny Miller.


ACTS (Assisting Communities Through Students) is a distinctive program that encourages students to make a Christian response to human needs through service in nonprofit agencies and Houston schools. ACTS is committed to providing students with opportunities to address complex social issues, develop leadership skills, gain valuable work experience, and apply classroom theory to real world situations. Most importantly, through these experiences, students will be encouraged to make service an integral part of their lives.

Students receive one CLW credit for participation in ACTS-sponsored events located in the Community Life and Worship. Students can also earn 20 CLW credits upon completion of a Service Learning Internship. To sign up, or for more information, contact Danny Miller.


  • Service Learning Internships (SLI) - Students interested in serving others and desiring to make an impact in their community can participate in a Service Learning Internship (SLI). Students serve 30 hours at a faith-based nonprofit agency over a period of one semester. Students will reflect on an article that is assigned as well as turn in a final project that expresses the experiences and lessons learned throughout the internship. Upon satisfactory completion of all requirements, students receive 20 CLW credits. Students must apply and be accepted by the Spiritual Life Office prior to beginning the internship. Interested students can contact Danny Miller.
  • Church Leadership Internships (CLI) - The CLI is an internship for those students who want to be in leadership in their local Christian church. The Spiritual Life office would like to be a part of mentoring and celebrating the gifts of our students in the ministry settings that God has placed on their lives. The definition of leadership for this internship consists of one who guides, directs, and/or presides over an activity, program or group of people. Students participating in this internship will complete 30 hours of service in one semester at one Christian ministry site. Components of this leadership opportunity include a written proposal, an on-site supervisor and accountability group, and a final reflection paper. The CLI may not be used in conjunction with meeting academic requirements and/or receiving monetary compensation. Upon satisfactory completion of all requirements, students receive 20 CLW credits.

A student may complete one CLI and SLI in their career as a student at HBU. In addition to completing either the SLI or CLI, a student is able to receive the maximum 20 CLW credits per semester. Interested students can contact the University Minister.

Service Leadership Council

The Service Leadership Council (SLC) is comprised of students who are devoted to following Jesus into places of service to others. They are responsible for leading other students to be active in serving throughout the Houston community. If you would like to become connected and find ways to serve, please stop by the Spiritual Life Office on the second floor of the Baugh Center.

Service Days

Service Days are held once each semester. Students, faculty, and staff are sent out to numerous non-profit organizations in the Houston area. Check the Community Life and Worship page for details, or contact Roquee Forson in the Office of Student Involvement.

Tutoring Program

Community Service Work Study supports local inner-city elementary schools by providing mentors and tutors for at-risk children. Students may receive CLW credits by applying tutoring hours to Service Learning Internship (SLI) or a student may choose to receive work study compensation through this opportunity. However, the SLI may not be used in conjunction with meeting academic requirements and/or receiving monetary compensation.  All tutors must go through a background check. Please contact the Career and Calling department for more information.

Missions and Mission Learning Opportunities

Annual missions learning opportunities are a great way for students to serve and develop a deeper understanding of how Jesus works in places all around the world. These opportunities provide academic, cross-cultural, hands-on experiences to prepare students for missions. During Spring Break and other times of the year, teams of students and staff are living out the gospel here in Houston and around the world. Contact Spiritual Life Office to learn more about Mission Learning Opportunities.

University Minister

The University Minister's office is located on the second floor of the Baugh Center in the Spiritual Life office suite. To reach the University Minister, you may call the Spiritual Life Office, 281-649-3117.