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University Police

It is the desire of the University to provide a safe and peaceful campus, free from fear or concern for one's personal safety. Although this is a challenge in today's society, the University is well-equipped to meet this and other challenges.

The Police Department in and of itself cannot guarantee every person's safety. It requires the combined efforts of a professional police team along with the awareness and concern of all members in the University community. One of the major functions of the officers is to patrol the University campus 24 hours per day, seven days per week. The officers carry radios. Numerous Emergency Call Boxes, which ring directly to the University Police Department, are located around campus.

Another tool which is absolutely essential in order to maintain peace and safety on campus is the personal awareness of every member of the University community. It is essential that you remain aware of your surroundings and that you report any activity which seems out of the ordinary. The officers would much rather respond to a call that proved not to be of any consequence than to write an incident report after a situation occurs in which they had no opportunity to intervene.

The officers of the Houston Baptist University Police Department are highly committed to this University and to maintaining the safety of every person. They take a personal interest in each and every person. Please help them help you.

How you can help:

  • Report any suspicious activity by calling the University Police Department at extension 3911 or 281-649-3911, call on the Emergency Call Boxes, or stop by the Police Department.
  • Allow the Police to be of service to you. Please call if you have a concern or desire a police escort to your vehicle or Residence College, especially at night.
  • If you have fears for your personal safety or that of your personal property, talk to the Police Department.
  • Take advantage of the crime prevention presentations given on campus. Call the University Police at 281-649-3314 for the time and location of the next presentation.
  • If there is an emergency, remain as calm as possible, call ext. 3911, and give the dispatcher the facts as completely as possible. Make sure you give your name, location, and the nature of the emergency. Don't hang up when the conversation is over: wait until the dispatcher hangs up. Remain calm and encourage others to remain calm.
  • Report any theft, no matter how minor, to the Police Department.
  • Read, understand, and abide by the parking and vehicle regulations. More than anything, they are written to protect you and your property.
  • Communicate with the Police.

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HBU Campus Alert and Emergency Preparedness

Houston Baptist University strives to create a safe and secure learning and living environment on our campus. It requires the combined efforts of a professional police team along with the awareness and concern of all members in the University community.

The HBU Alert System

HBU has implemented an important communication tool for students, faculty and staff. The HBU Alert System can provide quick voice or text messaging to local or cell phones as well as through HBU email accounts in the event of a campus emergency.  Phone numbers are taken from information provided through HuskyNet, so it is important that students provide the University with up-to-date contact information. To view contact information students should read the directions at In the event of an emergency, the University will also utilize the following communication outlets:
  • The University Portal: Emergency information will also be posted for internal audiences at, the University portal.
  • Local news and radio: HBU will communicate with local news outlets in order to quickly disseminate news and information. Key media outlets include KHOU (11), KPRC (2), KTRK (13), KRIV (Fox), Univision (45), and KTRH Radio (740 AM, Houston's official Emergency Broadcasting station), as well as the Houston Chronicle Web site.
  • This Houston Web site carries emergency notifications for all local public and private schools. You may visit their Web site to receive notifications of school emergencies including school closings, delayed openings, early dismissals, reopening announcements, shelter in place announcements, and other special alerts.

Campus Call Boxes

HBU's security system includes numerous emergency call boxes located in different areas on campus. They are generally identified by a blue light on top. These call boxes are available in an emergency situation. As soon as the button on the call box is PUSHED, the University Police are alerted and will respond through the speaker on the call box.

To REPORT ALL EMERGENCIES (including medical) CALL EXT. 3911 on a campus telephone, or DIAL (281) 649-3911.
  • Police Non-Emergency Line (281) 649-3314 (ext.3314 on campus)
  • HBU Switchboard (281) 649-3000

Medical Emergencies

Should you have any type of medical emergency on campus, call (281-649-3911) ext. 3911 immediately. HBU has trained officers to provide the quickest and most appropriate attention until the paramedics arrive. Contacting the Houston Fire Department or the University Clinic directly will only delay medical attention. Please call 3911 for any emergency.