HBU Mascot History


By referendum on May 11, students voted to adopt “Huskies” as the name for a new mascot.


A new Alaskan Malamute mascot named Toby became a campus resident.


The college mascot Toby had been stolen during the summer, and a new 10-year-old Samoyed named Buttons had been acquired by the Coreons fraternity.


A new mascot, Mingo, greeted the spring season. Mingo would be the mascot for many years and would be the object of affectionate care by the Coreons and ultimately by loving members of the College staff.


Throughout these exciting years, the University Husky mascot was a Samoyed named Mingo. Initially cared for by the men’s fraternity the Coreons, Mingo had since 1971 been attended by a University staff member, Virginia Crosno. Theirs was a most public love affair. They went everywhere together. Mingo walked the campus several times daily. He ate cooked rice and vegetables, Melba toast, ground meat, and cottage cheese lovingly prepared by Crosno. He enjoyed the finest of medical care from volunteer veterinarians and rarely missed a major campus athletic event. The love and attention of Mrs. Crosno for Mingo became one of the great object lessons for students and staff alike to observe. 


Mingo passed away on June 14. Virginia Crosno was his care-giver for 11 years. An emotional remembrance service was led by Dr. James Massey. Mingo was buried in the courtyard of the Sharp Gym where a memorial marks his grave.


A new Samoyed mascot, Mingo II, was secured for the campus to be cared for by the student organization K-9 Core. Mingo II proved to be noise-averse and was replaced by Butch—a Samoyed that was housed near the campus police during the week and with his trainers on the weekends.



In the fall, the campus was gifted with a new mascot - its first actual Husky - from Sherry ’04 and Billy ’03 Thomas. Wakiza, “determined warrior” in the American Indian language, adapted quickly to the campus environment and enjoyed a celebrity status among students and staff. Kiza was handled by Kerry Nolen ’99, Director of Student Programming.


The University’s live mascot, Kiza, returned to campus residence after a two-year absence.


The passing of an era in athletics was marked by the death of the University’s mascot, Wakiza, on February 22 at the age of 10. The “determined warrior” was buried in the courtyard of the Sharp Gym near another icon mascot of a bygone era, Mingo.

Kiza ii dedication with the williams familyDuring its annual student orientation and registration luncheon for incoming freshmen on June 15, HBU introduced its new live mascot, a Siberian Husky puppy named Kiza II. HBU adopted Kiza II from Houston’s Husky Haven (www.huskyhaven.org), a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization made up of individual volunteers dedicated to rescuing and helping Siberian Huskies. She was born one of four puppies in a litter on January 2, 2010.

The Williams Family Foundation – Stanley and Diane ’93 Williams, their son and daughter-in-law Jay and Dena Williams, and their son-in-law and daughter Clay MBA ’96 and Dawn Trozzo – made the adoption of Kiza possible by generously agreeing to provide ongoing support of HBU’s live mascot program in honor of Stanley and Diane’s four grandchildren.