Housing Options

Houston Baptist University Lake House dorm.

Welcome to Residence Life at HBU.  Our goal is to ensure that our residents succeed and have the best experience possible. To us, that means fusing together living and learning.  We do that by integrating the residence life experience and the educational process.  A few of our core values include faculty interaction, peer learning, service learning, and reflection.

The benefits of residing on campus are abundant, and research even shows that students who live on campus have a more productive and ultimately more satisfying college experience. That’s why, at HBU, you’ll find a campus that’s also a thriving community—one that fosters collaboration, friendship and spiritual development.

Living under the same roof as other students makes it easy to form new friendships. And for many, the friendships made during their first year of college become some of the strongest and longest lasting in their lives. By living together, students are also better able to build upon what they have learned in the classroom by collaborating with classmates and continuing classroom discussions. The same can be said for their spiritual growth. Being surrounded by others with a similar desire to follow Christ as a model helps students take their faith seriously.

To learn more about our residence housing options, explore the links below: