Residence Life

Houston Baptist University student dorm.
Aside from providing students with a safe and affordable place to live that’s close to their classes and campus amenities, HBU’s on-campus residences make acclimating to college life easy. They put students together in one place, making it easy to form new friendships, get involved in different events and organizations, and take part in study groups. They also help students to grow spiritually, develop interpersonal skills, learn about diverse cultures and become more self-disciplined, all while in a community of friends, peers and mentors.
Living on campus is more than just practical, it’s a major part of the college experience. For many students, college is the first time they’ve ever lived away from home, not to mention had a roommate. It’s that first taste of true independence that prepares students to be out on their own upon graduation. And most importantly, it creates a community that encourages students to learn, worship and work together. Research shows that students who live on campus have a more productive and ultimately more satisfying college experience, which is why, at HBU, we think living in our on-campus communities is one of the most important parts of the HBU experience.
At HBU, we realize that not all students want the same thing when it comes to housing, so we offer a variety of different options, from residence colleges to student apartments to living-learning communities.