Peer Mentors

What is a Peer Mentor?
Peer Mentors are undergraduate students who assist faculty and staff instructors in a section of ENGAGE 101 (first year seminar course) for the fall term.  These campus leaders serve as role models, mentors, campus resource experts, and trusted points of contact for ENGAGE 101 students.  Peer Mentors work collaboratively with other peer mentors and their instructors, while assisting students solving problems and getting involved on campus. 

What are the benefits of becoming a Peer Mentor?
As a Peer Mentor you get to serve as a role model and a point of contact for a core group of first year students.  You also have the opportunity to work collaboratively with other peer mentors and instructors and develop significant relationships with other peer mentors and instructors.  By serving as a resource for campus services and activities and assisting students in solving problems and getting involved on campus, you will have the opportunity to engage in leadership development skills.

How do I apply to become a Peer Mentor?
Peer Mentor applications open in early Spring.  Students chosen for a Peer Mentor position are required to participate in Welcome Days as a Pack Leader prior to their ENGAGE 101 position.  This will enable all Peer Mentors to build a relationship and connect with their current students prior to the first day of classes!

Applications are currently being accepted until February 13th at  Interviews will be held March 2nd-6th (you will be contacted for an interview time). For more information or to inquire about future semesters please email