Faculty and Staff

All faculty are encouraged to register on Hire A Husky. 
Welcome! The Career and Calling staff is available to assist HBU Faculty and Staff in providing students with career and employment information for today's world of work. Keeping up with the vast quantity of information related to careers and the job-search process is difficult. We can help.

We greatly appreciate faculty/staff who encourage students to utilize our services and who partner with us to help students make wise career choices. Please review the information we have prepared on this web page. For additional information, see the "students" portion of our web site.

Have you been to our Career and Calling office? Come by and visit us above the HBU Bookstore in the Student Life suite. We would be happy to show you the wealth of information available for students and hear of ways that we can assist you. Contact us for assistance. 

Classroom Presentation
If you would like to schedule a class presentation on life calling as well as career and employment related topics, please contact us.

Are you looking for a Work-Study Student?
We ask that all work study positions be posted on Hire a Husky.  We have a number of students who are seeking work study positions and would love the opportunity to interview in your area.  By posting through Hire a Husky, this provides a central location for students to view job descriptions and provides you with opportunities to view student resumes and/or profiles.  If you have questions about payment for work study eligible students, please contact Financial Services for appropriate forms and information.

Hire a Husky
HBU faculty and staff are encouraged to register on "Hire a Husky" and receive e-mails about upcoming Career and Calling events as well as new job postings from our employers.  Passing this type of information on to their advisees and classes will help to ensure that our students are well informed about available internship and job opportunities.  After registering for "Hire a Husky", you can also upload student worker positions and make them available to students seeking to be hired. Registered members may also browse through resumes posted by HBU students.  Check out the link in the box on your right to begin your registration. Already registered?  Log on now.

Want to know about upcoming events?
See our calendar of Career and Calling events.

Letters of Recommendation
Each year, we receive requests for guidelines about what should be included in the letters of reference which many members of the faculty and staff are asked to write for students. The following information may be helpful as you approach this task.
  • Identify the student and the capacity in which you know him or her. If the contact was primarily through having the student in class(es), please give the course name(s), not just the number(s).
  • Give as much evidence as possible of the student's increased knowledge, maturity, understanding of material or other aspects of development during the period you knew him or her.
  • Future employers as well as graduate schools will be evaluating candidates on the basis of the following factors in addition to others:
                 - communication skills (written and oral)
                 - willingness to take initiative
                 - general leadership ability
                 - level of motivation
                 - planning and organizational skills
                 - clinical or professional knowledge or skills
                 - flexibility / adaptability
                 - interpersonal skills
                 - willingness to accept responsibility 
                 - analytical / problem-solving ability
                 - group interaction and team-working skills

Any information you can give to support the student's candidacy with reference to these attributes would be helpful. Avoid potentially discriminatory references (race, religion, national origin, marital status, age, etc.).

Accent the positive and try to qualify any negative statements with evidence of the ways in which a student is dealing with the problem. If you feel you cannot give a positive recommendation, it is best to let the student know. You may want to have the student provide you with a copy of his or her resume. This will give you an overview of the student's accomplishments in work situations and/or activities outside the classroom which you may use to enhance your comments. Also, it would be helpful if you asked the student to share his or her career goals with you. This could strengthen your comments.

SEE SAMPLE : Recommendation Letter