Career Shadow & Mentoring Program

Unsure of what your next step will be after graduation?  The Career Shadow & Mentoring Program, a partnership between the offices of Career & Calling and Alumni Relations, is designed to help resolve your questions by offering you the opportunity to be mentored by HBU alumni who are currently employed in a vocation that interests you.  This program brings together HBU students and alumni to help all better live out God's call on their lives.  Whether you are seeking to discover where your talents can best by used or are looking to confirm the path you have selected, it is the prayer of the Career & Calling and Alumni Relations staff that the call of God on your life becomes a catalyst for authenticity and the forming of long-term relationships.


The Career Shadow & Mentoring Program will kick off at the beginning of each semester. To apply for the program or request more information, please contact James Mable


The Career Shadow & Mentoring Program will kick off the beginning of each semester.  To apply for the program or request more information, please contact Amy Youngblood, Director of Alumni Relations.  

Goals for the Career Shadow & Mentoring Program

  1. To help our students to be engaged actively in the vocational calling and gifting that they feel is God's direction for their lives.
  2. To provide opportunities for our students to be mentored by those who view their vocation as more than a paycheck or who count the hours to end the day.  To seek to pair students with those alumni who see their vocation as a stewardship of their gifts to those with whom they work everyday.
  3. To connect our students with outstanding alumni who are seeking to live out faithfully the call of God on their lives.
  4. To equip our students in understanding what knowledge and gifts they will need beyond the classroom in their pursued vocation.
  5. To encourage our students and alumni to proudly acknowledge HBU as their institution of learning and faithful alma mater.