First Generation Success Program

Am I a first generation student?

You are a first generation student if neither one of your parents graduated from a 4-year college or university.

Seats in the HBU First Generation Success Program are limited!


We are so excited you will be joining our HBU family as a new student.  You have already accomplished so much by being accepted to college, and our job is to help you graduate with an HBU degree. 

You may be feeling mixed emotions during this process, which is often both exciting and perhaps a bit overwhelming.  Take heart in the fact that at HBU, you will be joining a community where over 25% of your freshmen peers will also be first-generation, and where you have a program designed specifically for you.

We truly hope that you will apply to become part of our Gen1 Program.  If accepted into the program, you will be paired with a Gen1 mentor (an HBU upperclassmen who was part of the Gen1  Program their freshmen year).  This peer mentor will serve as your guide during your freshmen year and beyond.

In addition, you will be able to attend an exclusive cost-free Summer Bridge Program where you will become more familiar with the campus and make new friendships with other students before classes officially begin.  Throughout the year, as a program participant, you will also have exclusive access to various success lunches, dinners, seminars, and social events. Most importantly, you will be part of a cohort comprised of similar students as you all embark on this exciting journey together.