HBU Piper Professors

The Piper Professor Award, given by the Minnie Stevens Piper Professor Award Foundation, recognizes outstanding achievement in teaching in colleges and universities throughout Texas. Established in 1958, the foundation gives 10 awards annually to teachers who are devoted to their professions and have made a special impact on their students and their community. Each year the five colleges and schools at HBU select their Piper Professor Nominee. These individuals represent the very best in teaching and professional development in each college. A single nominee is selected each fall to represent HBU as our university nominee to the Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation.

Past recipients from HBU include Dr. Calvin Huckabay, professor in English, 1970; Dr. Joyce Fan, professor in chemistry, 1972; Dr. Marilyn Sibley, professor of history, 1976; Dr. Marion Webb, associate professor in Spanish, 1982; Dr. Doris Warren, professor in chemistry, 1991; and Dr. Linda Brupbacher, professor in education, 2008.

HBU campus Piper Professor Nominees for 2013-14:

Dr. Gardo Blado: Professor in Physics, The College of Science and Mathematics

Dr. Chris Hammons: Professor in Government, Dean of The School of Humanities

Dr. Richard J. Martinez: Chair of Management, Marketing, and Business Associate, Professor in Management, The School of Business

Dr. Cynthia Simpson: Professor in Education, Dean of The School of Education and Behavioral Sciences

Dr. Jeffrey Wilkinson: Program Coordinator, JMC Professor in Journalism and Mass Communications, The School of Fine Arts