Wheatstone Academy Summer Conference at HBU

Wheatstone Ministries is one of The Academy’s favorite partners. Wheatstone’s summer conference imbues Christian young people with the skills and tools they need to grow into mature Christian adults. In Wheatstone’s own words, “Wheatstone meets students in the middle of the biggest transition of their lives—youth to adulthood—and introduces them to Christianity as they have never experienced it before.”

Each Summer Wheatstone comes to the HBU Campus for a week-long conference with separate tracks for high schoolers, college students and educators. The high school and college track can be used to earn three units of transferable Fine Arts or Philosophy credit at HBU, as you spend a week reading Plato and the Bible, playing sports, attending plays, concerts, and museums, building a deep sense of Christian community, and growing in your ability to be a life-long learner and leader.

To find out more, view the Wheatstone Houston website.