About the Honors College

The mission of the HBU Honors College is to provide students with an interdisciplinary curriculum rooted in the Christian faith that cultivates knowledge, character, and wisdom by examining the great works of Western civilization and exploring timeless questions.

The Honors College promises students
a number of unique life-shaping opportunities.

  • Active and participatory learning experiences – close interactions with your professors and peers help you prepare for your future

  • A learning community extending beyond the classroom – learning experiences beyond the walls of your classes make your learning more meaningful

  • Integration of the diverse cultural opportunities of Houston into the curriculum – make Houston’s museums, theaters and concert halls your classroom  

  • A broader perspective beyond specific academic majors – using the great texts of human history, you will build a strong foundation for any academic major you choose  

  • A commitment to nurture intellectual growth and maturity –  Stimulating your curiosity and challenging you to remain a life-long learner