Kinesiology: Specialization in Athletic Training

Athletic Training is an exciting field of study and is growing as a career choice.  Athletic trainers are allied health professionals who collaborate with physicians to optimize activity and participation of patient and client athletes.  Athletic training encompasses prevention, diagnosis, and intervention in emergencies, and with acute and chronic medical conditions involving impairment.

The Bachelors of Science degree in Kinesiology Athletic Training at HBU is designed to develop an understanding of the field of athletic training while emphasizing theory and practice. Students are introduced to the domains of athletic training, which prepares them for eligibility for the Texas State Licensure exam. Texas licensure allows athletic trainers to practice athletic training in the State of Texas.

The Athletic Training major at HBU is unique in the way it coincides with an internship program for fulfilling all graduation requirements. The Athletic Training Program at HBU offers students the opportunity for a diverse learning experience through hands-on training at various locations, such as high schools, Division I university athletics, hospitals, professional sports and clinical settings.

 What will I experience at HBU?

  • Learn from professors who have worked in a variety of settings as an athletic trainer.
  • Study in small classes where you will receive personal attention and personal direction from your professors.
  • Gain hands-on training through a variety of settings with clinical internships.
  • Develop an understanding of all the domains in athletic training.

Criteria required to be admitted to the athletic training program:

  • Unconditional acceptance to HBU.
  • Complete all pre-requisite courses with a grade of “C” or better.
  • Complete all HBU proficiencies: Written English, Math, Reading, and Computer.
  • A minimum of 2.5 GPA for all college work.
  • Completion of an athletic training internship program application with references, and interview with the athletic training staff.
  • Contingent upon satisfactory grades, evaluation of technical standards and interview outcomes, students will be offered an appointment in the athletic training internship program based on the number of available openings each year. Students who receive notification of acceptance to the HBU Athletic Training Internship Program will begin the three year student athletic training internships.

(If not accepted, students are encouraged to apply the following year.)

Prerequisites before beginning student internships:

  • Completion of bloodborne pathogen training. (Provided)
  • HIPAA Training. (Provided)
  • CPR/AED/First Aid Certification.
  • Proof of immunizations. The hepatitis B (HBV) 3-vaccine series is a highly recommended immunization for all health care settings. This vaccine is available through HBU Health Services or your primary care provider.

Pre-requisite courses to apply to the athletic training program:

  • ENGL 1320 Writing for Wisdom I and ENGL 1330 Writing for Wisdom II
  • MATH 1305 Critical Thinking or a higher level of math
  • PSYC 1313 General Psychology or SOCI 1313 Principles of Sociology
  • KINE 2310 Foundations of Kinesiology
  • KINE 3301 Prevention and Treatment of Sports Injuries

What will I study at HBU in the athletic training program?

  • The Liberal Arts Core Curriculum and 78 Credits in the field of Kinesiology
  • KINE 1310 Basic Health Assessment and Terminology
  • KINE 2310 Foundations of Kinesiology
  • KINE 2340 Health Psychology
  • KINE 2336 Strategies and Principles of Coaching
  • KINE 2334 Tests and Measurements in Kinesiology
  • KINE 3210 Exercise Prescription (to be taken with KINE 3393)
  • KINE 3301 Prevention and Treatment of Sports Injuries
  • KINE 3360 Administration in Sports and Kinesiology
  • KINE 3393 Physiology of Exercise (Prerequisite BIOL 2404)
  • KINE 3395 Kinesiology: Applied Biomechanics (Prerequisite KINE 3393)
  • KINE 3398 Foundations of Health Instruction
  • KINE 4363 Sports Sociology
  • KINE 4370 Research in Kinesiology (Req. Senior standing and 22 hrs of KINE courses)
  • KINE 3410 Recognition and Evaluation of Sports Injuries (Prereq. BIOL 2404 & KINE 3301)
  • KINE 3420 Therapeutic Exercise and Rehabilitation (Prereq. BIOL 2404, KINE 3410, KINE 3301)
  • KINE 2304 Athletic Training Internship I
  • KINE 2305 Athletic Training Internship II
  • KINE 3304 Athletic Training Internship III
  • KINE 3315 Athletic Training Internship IV
  • KINE 4304 Athletic Training Internship V

“Athletic training at HBU is more than a degree at a university. It is an experience – an opportunity to be something more than a student in a classroom, more than a resident in a dorm, more than a person at the game. The knowledge I attained, the experiences I had, the friendships I made, and the lives I have changed, are what I love about athletic training at HBU. It took hard work and dedication from myself, my friends, my family, and most importantly from my professors and advisors, to get where I am today as a licensed athletic trainer. Along the way, I learned that being an athletic trainer is not always about how much you know, but how much you are willing to find out. At HBU you will be inspired to find out things you never thought you could and you will carry these lessons with you for a lifetime.”

Shannon Hall, LAT
Head Athletic Trainer, Wharton High School
HBU Class of 2010
Contact Information:
School of Nursing and Allied Health

Bob Marley, MS, ATC, LAT, CSCS
Coordinator, Athletic Training Program