Current Nursing Students

(note: This is an example of what a Pre-Nursing and Nursing Student could take in order to enter the program and to complete the program. The order is not guaranteed. Please see your advisor or a Nursing Advisor for more information on classes to register for.)
Semester Map Example (Freshman Entrance)

First Year, fall start:
          ENGL 1320 Writing for Wisdom I
PSYC 1313 General Psychology
MATH 1305 Math for Critical Thinking/College Algebra
CHEM 1404 Intro to Chemistry 
or BIOL 1414 Intro to Microbiology
FYS     1300 Freshman Year Seminar 

Spring 1:
ENGL 1330 Writing for Wisdom II
BIOL 1414 Intro to Microbiology
or CHEM 1404 Intro to Chemistry
PSYC 3313 Human Growth & Development
GOVT 2313 American and Texas Government
CHRI 1313 Old Testament Survey

Second Year
Fall 2:
BIOL 2404 Anatomy and Physiology I
HIST 2313 US History to 1877
or HIST 2323 US History from 1877
CHRI 1323 New Testament Survey
PHIL 1310 Logic
PSYC 2301  Statistics for Behavioral Sciences
(overall GPA of 3.0 or higher to be considered for Nursing)

Spring 2:
BIOL 2414 Anatomy and Physiology II
ART 2343 or MUHL 1331
ENGL 2315 Great Works of Lit. I or ENGL 2325 Great Works Lit. II
HIST 2311 Western Civ. or HIST 2312 Western Civ. II
PHIL 1313 Intro to Philosophy
GOVT 2320 Political Thought 3 credit elective
ECON 2310 History of Economic Thought 3 credit elective
Apply to Nursing Program by March 15th for Fall Entry and September 15th for Spring Entry

Third Year
(First Year of BSN program)
Fall 3:
NURS 3222 Perspectives on Health Care System
NURS 3309 Pharmacology for Nurses (includes Math for Nurses)
NURS 3323 Health Assessment
NURS 3408 Art and Science of Nursing 
BIOL 3433 Pathophysiology for Health Care
Spring 3:

          NURS 3110 Applied Clinical Reasoning I
          NURS 3404 Care of Individuals I
NURS 4412 Vulnerable Populations
NURS 4414 Care of Families with Mental Health Problems
CHRI 2373 Christian Theology
Summer 3:
NURS 4394 Prof. Issues & Nursing Research  
4 hours of elective credits (FYS can count as 3 hrs. of elective credit).

Fourth Year
(Second Year of BSN program)
Fall 4:
          NURS 3111 Applied  Clinical Reasoning II
NURS 4444 Care of Families with Children
NURS 3424 Care of Individuals II
NURS 4434 Care of Childbearing Families 
****All LACC must be completed before entering the final semester of Nursing.

Spring 4:
NURS 4564 Professional Issues and Nurse Leadership
NURS 3434 Care of Individuals III
NURS 4424 Community Health