HBU Writers’ Conference Schedule

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2014 Conference Schedule

8:00-8:50 UAC 101 (Registration/Check-in) (Registration/Check-in)
9:00-9:50 UAC Lobby Dana Gioia Opening Remarks: A Discussion of "The Catholic Writer Today"
10:00-10:50 UAC 130 Bao-Long Chu House of Memories: A Blueprint for Generating Writing Ideas
10:00-10:50 UAC 122 Editors of Numerous Houston-area Journals and Magazines More Than Just for the Love of It: Houston Editors Talk about Working on Literary Magazines
10:00-10:50 UAC 222 J. Matthew Boyleston, Ph.D. What is Pastoral Poetry?
10:00-10:50 UAC 150 Doug TenNapel Writing Plots for Graphic Novels, Video Games, Television and Anything
11:00-11:50 UAC 226 Sara Cooper Grocery Lists & Love Letters: Creating Multi-Genre Texts from Family Artifacts
11:00-11:50 UAC 150 Tina Winograd Moderating and Participating in Critique Circles
11:00-11:50 UAC 130 Enos Russell The Current State of e-Publishing
11:00-11:50 UAC 222 Coert Voorhees Writing Contemporary Young Adult (YA) Fiction
11:00-11:50 UAC 122 Holly Ordway, Ph.D. Vulnerability Vs. Voyeurism: Memoir and Personal Blogging in the 21st Century
12:00-12:50 The Baugh (Lunch) (UAC Lobby and Coffee Room will stay open)
1:00-1:50 UAC Lobby Jason Harrod Musical Performance - with commentary
2:00-2:50 UAC 226 Jason Harrod Songwriting Workshop
2:00-2:50 UAC 130 Garret Johnson Fear and Fiction
2:00-2:50 UAC 222 Marcia Chamberlain Electric Pencils: Teaching "Radical Juxtaposition" to Free Creativity
2:00-2:50 UAC 122 Published Authors and Editors of Houston-area Journals Getting Published: A Q&A on Submitting to Literary Journals
2:00-2:50 UAC 150 Louis Markos, Ph.D. The Necessity of the Arts for a Christian Worldview
3:00-3:50 UAC 130 Doug TenNapel Daniel: An Artist's Defense of Church, Religion and Tradition in Babylon
3:00-3:50 UAC 150 Micah Mattix, Ph.D. The Role of the Critic Today
3:00-3:50 UAC 222 Members of the Graduate Creative Writing Program at the University of Houston So You Want to Get an MFA: The Whys and Hows of Applying to Graduate Creative Writing Programs
3:00-3:50 UAC 122 Stella Riley and DiAnn Mills Overcoming the Fear Factor: Working with an Agent or an Editor
4:00-4:30 UAC Lobby HBU Faculty Closing Remarks