‘Love that Moves the Sun and Other Stars’: Exploring the Virtues in Literature

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The Southwest Conference on Christianity and Literature

Houston Baptist University, Houston TX
September 20-21, 2013

From the classical period to today, the virtues have served as a means of self-examination, a guide for self-reflection, a pattern for living a good life, and an inspiration for literary composition. For Christians, the virtues have the added dimension of being rooted in the revelation of God’s character. This re-orientation of the understanding of virtue means that pursuing virtue can be a spiritual discipline as well as a form of witness.

Literature provides a powerful means of reflecting on what virtue is, how the expression of particular virtues shapes actions and character, and what a virtuous life looks like in various times, places, and cultures.

This conference invites papers that consider literary approaches to one or more of the theological virtues (faith, hope, and love) and the cardinal virtues (justice, wisdom, temperance, and courage). Possible sub-topics include:
  • The representation in literature of specific virtues and/or their corresponding vices
  • Particular virtues considered in both non-Christian and Christian literature
  • Realistic, allegorical, symbolic, and mythopoeic approaches to presenting the virtues in literature
  • How literature can ‘embody’ virtue (or vice)
  • Considerations of Aristotelian, Thomistic, or Platonic representations of virtue as expressed in literary works
  • Virtues as represented in Biblical literature
  • Virtue as a topic for literary apologetics
  • Original poetry
  • And other papers dealing with the conference theme

Keynote Speaker:

Dr. Michael Ward, professor of apologetics at Houston Baptist University.Dr. Michael Ward
Senior Research Fellow, Blackfriars Hall, Oxford University. Professor of Apologetics, Houston Baptist University.

“'Pilate Was Merciful Till It Became Risky': C.S. Lewis on the Role of Courage in Every Virtue”
Senior Research Fellow, Blackfriars Hall, Oxford University
Co-editor, The Cambridge Companion to C.S. Lewis; author, Planet Narnia: The Seven Heavens in the Imagination of C.S. Lewis



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