Philosophy Conference Schedule

Friday, April 4

Registration and Check-in, Atwood I, 104

Undergraduate Paper Sessions, 10:15-11:30
Session UA, Atwood I, 113 – Cath Dauner, “Plato vs. Aristotle:  Feminism and Education,” UT-San Antonio and Jeffrey Hanes, “Time, Eternity, and Divine Condescension,” Northeastern Illinois

Session UB, Atwood I, 116 – Sarah Horton, “Does Sartre's Ontological Ethic Satisfy the Human Desire for Meaning?” Grove City College and Megan Monroe, “Philosophical Flourishing and Intellectual Generosity,” Westmont College

Lunch on your own

Concurrent Session 1, 1:00-2:15
Session 1A, Atwood I, 113 – Jeremy Evans, “The Failure of Optimistic Naturalism to Ground Life’s Meaning,” Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and Chad Meeks, “Methodological Demarcation: An Inquiry into the Claim That Methodological Naturalism Entails Ontological Naturalism,” Southwestern Theological Seminary

Session 1B, Atwood I, 116 – John Laing, “Calvinism, Natural Knowledge and Fatalism,” Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and John Macias, “A Defense of the Thomistic Account of Divine Omniscience,” University of St. Thomas

Concurrent Session 2, 2:30-3:45
Session 2A, Atwood I, 113 – David Cramer, “On the Origen of Christian Philosophical Theology: The Alexandrian Church Father and/or Arch-heretic as a Model of Faith, Reason, and the Intellectual Virtues,” Baylor University and Karl Aho, “Our hopes for the future and our present projects: Kierkegaard on the virtue of hope,” Baylor University

Session 2B, Atwood I, 116 – Ben Arbor, “Intellectual Idolatry: On the Incompatibility of Scientific Realism, Methodological Naturalism, and Christian Intellectual Virtues,” University of Bristol and John R. Gilhooly, “Occasionalism, Prediction, and the Limits of Methodological Naturalism,” and Gregory E. Trickett, “Sheep in Wolves’ Clothing: On the Dangers of Methodological Naturalism.”

Concurrent Session 3, 4:00-5:15
Session 3A, Atwood I, 110 – Daniel Maryanovich, “Lack of Virtue: Defending Virtue Epistemology Against the Situationist Argument,” Loyola Marymount University and David T. Echelbarger, “Four Virtues of Teaching the Vices,” Baylor University

Session 3B, Atwood I, 113 – Shannon Holzer, “The Definition of Rights and Same-Sex Marriage,” HBU and Paul Berghaus, “Authority and Moral Education in the Army,” United States Army

Dinner on your own

Keynote, 7:30-9:00, Cullen Parlor, Jay Wood, “How is Your Intellectual Appetite?”
Saturday, April 5

Concurrent Session 4, 10:00-11:15
Session 4A, Atwood I, 110 – Logan Gage, “God, Simplicity, & Explanation,” Baylor University and Ryan West, “On Emotional Doubt,” Baylor University

Session 4B, Atwood I, 113 – John Wilsey, “Exceptionalism as an Aspect of American Civil Religion,” Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and Jeremy Neill, “What religious citizens ought to think of the deliberative democracy movement,” HBU

Keynote, 11:30-12:30, Cullen Parlor, Jay Wood “Intellectual Humility and Scientific Inquiry”

Lunch, included in registration, Baugh Center, 12:30-1:30

Concurrent Sesstion 5, 1:45-3:00
Session 5A, Atwood I, 113 – Mike Keas, “Intellectual and Theoretical Virtues in Civil Discourse: Science, Religion, and the Public Square,” College at Southwestern and Roger Overton, “More than Profit: A Definition of Greed,” Talbot School of Theology

Session 5B, Atwood I, 116 – George Medley III, “Schelling’s Spätphilosophie as a Scientific prelude to Dilthey’s Historical Meaning,” Kings College London and Brian Kemple, “Techne, Physis, and Technology: Aristotle and Heidegger,” University of St. Thomas

Concurrent Session 6, 3:15-4:30
Session 6A, Atwood I, 110 – Suresh Vythylingam, “Empathy and Integrity as Essential Intellectual Virtues to the Issues Pertaining to Faith and Science,” and Clinton Carl, “Firmer Foundations: The Naturalized Context of Scientific Justification,” Loyola Marymount University

Session 6B, Atwood I, 113 – Bruce Gordon, “Quantum Theory, Middle Knowledge, and Libertarian Agency: Exploring the Metaphysical Foundations of Virtue,” HBU and Paul Wagner, “Einstein, Fizeau and Truth,” University of Houston – Clear Lake

Session 6C, Atwood I, 116 – Jonathan Fuqua, “Probability and Evil,” Purdue University and Mohammed Almisbkawy, “Anti-scientism and its impact on the relationship between science and religion,” British University in Cairo

Refreshment Break, Atwood I, 104

Concurrent Session 7, 4:45-6:00
Session 7A, Atwood I, 113 – Jeremy Klutts, “The Reality of Truth(s): Towards an Ontological Typology of Epistemological Truth-Claims,” Princeton Theological Seminary and Ed Payne, “Theology and Natural Science: Epistemological Issues Beneath the Surface”

Session 7B, Atwood I, 116 – Dax Bennington, “The Pincer Problem and the Deductive-Nomological Model of Explanations,” Texas Tech University and Ivan Hu, “Epistemicism, Paradox, and Conditional Obligation,” University of Texas