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School of Christian Thought
Houston Baptist University
7502 Fondren Road
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Classics and Biblical Languages

Greetings from the Dean

Welcome to the website of the School of Christian Thought at Houston Baptist University.  The School of Christian Thought is composed of the Apologetics, Philosophy, Theology and Classics and Biblical Languages departments.

We have a number of graduate and undergraduate programs designed to equip you to serve Christ.  Richard John Neuhaus in his article “The Christian University: Eleven Theses” wrote that ”While a Christian university is not a church, it is from the church and serves the church by enabling the church to serve the world more fully… A university that is not integral to the Christian mission will in time become alien to the Christian mission.”  My hope and prayer is that the School of Christian Thought will assist you in worshiping our Lord with your mind and that you will join us in using our intellectual gifts to minister to our culture.

The School of Christian Thought is an active school with world-class faculty.  We host an annual philosophy conference, have speakers regularly visit us, and will be having regular updates to our School of Christian Thought blog.


Graduate Programs Now Available ONLINE!