You can't watch the nightly news or talk politics without hearing about Economics. 

Economics theory is the foundation for the development of applied business disciplines in market societies. This social science studies people and their institutions from the point of view of how they go about producing and consuming goods and services and how they face the problem of making choices in a world of scarce resources.

Courses in economics emphasize the fundamental theories that govern the free enterprise system and the professional skills required for planning and analyzing business activities. The Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) degree in Economics includes rigorous coursework in principles and intermediate micro and macro economics, global economics, history of economic thought, money and banking, and cost/benefit analysis using environmental and natural resource economics.  Students will complete a basic course in statistics as part of the business core classes. 

HBU students in the economics major have had the opportunity to present papers at the Economics Scholars Program for undergraduate research at the Dallas Federal Reserve and serve as a summer intern at the Houston Branch of the Dallas Federal Reserve.  Students studying economics are invited monthly to join faculty to attend The Houston Economics Club meetings at the Houston Branch of the Dallas Federal Reserve.  Speakers from across the US are featured with current information on the state of the economy.  Many HBU economics alums have been accepted to law schools in Texas or have found employment with finance and accounting firms.

What will you do as an economist? Anything you want. 

Advantages and Opportunities

The economics major prepares students for careers in business or government and serves as a foundation for further professional study. This major provides a strong preparation for either law school or graduate business school as well as additional study in economics.

After Graduation

Many students of economics are employed in banking, financial analysis, economic forecasting, and econometrics, as well as in general business management.

Next Step

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