Master of Science in Human Resources Management

Master of Science in Human Resources Management

Program Admission requirements for the Online Program

In order to enter this online program, the graduate student would need to possess a BBA undergraduate degree or take eight 2-hour (16 total semester hours) leveling courses offered by the School of Business. The Master of Science in Human Resources Management is 33 semester hours of course work.

General Information

The MS-HRM online program at Houston Baptist University School of Business is designed for the HR professional desiring to deepen their understanding of the fundamental competencies of human resources.  Students gain an understanding of the core processes of business organizations, the ability to effectively apply the theory and principles of contemporary human resources management for improving individual and organizational performance, and a grounding in the ethical considerations relevant to the business decisions HR professionals are asked to make.  The program is aligned with the 2013 Society for Human Resource Management HR Content Areas and offers a global view of the HRM function and helps students appreciate the impact that HR changes can have on the organization. The curriculum and course content continue to evolve to provide students with the latest and most valuable knowledge and skills needed by high performing HR professionals.

The online program is designed to provide an outstanding learning experience well suited for working professionals that find it difficult to attend in-person.  It is appropriate for those currently working in the HR field or those who have a desire to enter the professional world of human resource management.

Leveling Courses  (Students without a BBA take these courses)
ACCT 5260 - Accounting Principles
ECON 5260 - Economic Principles
FINA 5260 - Finance Principles
MGMT 5260 - Decision Making Techniques for Managers
MGMT 5261 - Management Principles
MGMT 5262 - Organization Principles
MGMT 5263 - Legal Environment of Business
MKTG 5260 - Marketing Principles

Core Courses  (Students with a BBA start here) 
MGMT 6338 - Human Resource Management for HR Professionals
MGMT 5361 - Staffing and Performance Management
MGMT 6386 - Organizational Problems, Diagnostics, and Solutions
MGMT 6331 - Compensation and Benefits
MGMT 6303 - History of Management, Human Resources and Employment Relations
MGMT 6334 - Legal Challenges in HR Management
MGMT 6364 - Training and Development
MGMT 6378 - Management of Global HR
MGMT 6382 - Strategic Planning and HRM Challenges
INDC 6331 -   Foreign Cultures
MGMT 6392 - Transformational Leadership and Ethics

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Kevin Barksdale, PhD