The Christian Business Review

The Christian Business Review (CBR), an online journal published by the Center for Christianity in Business, Dunham College of Business, Houston Baptist University, was created to address the need for a forum where Christian academics and business professionals can exchange the best ideas for integrating Biblical principles in business as a way of life. It is also a forum where they can offer insights on current events and practices that shape the operation of business as a divine enterprise. The publication is grounded in the belief that “[a]ll Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness; so that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work” (2 Tim. 3:16-17).

The CBR is concerned with both academic and business communities and views them as complementary to the mission of building a distinctively Christian worldview for business. To that end, the CBR will publish research-based papers drawn from the efforts of academic professionals as well as experience-based articles that reflect the personal insights of business leaders, Christian thinkers, and commentators. Regardless of format, all papers are expected to derive from an expert point of view, demonstrate a careful study and analysis of the idea or issue, and represent an advance in terms of new development, integration or application. Most important, the core message must convey Biblical perspectives based on a proper interpretation of the Scriptures with due regard for exegetical and hermeneutic principles.

Research contributions include empirical studies, conceptual papers and innovations in curriculum and pedagogy. They may focus on any of the business disciplines, including such areas as leadership, ethics, organizational change, strategy, management, marketing, economics, accounting and finance. These submissions have a 20-page limit (5,000 words) and are subjected to a double-blind peer review process. Experience-based contributions belong to separate departments that include case studies (Living Cases), first-person narratives (Insights), interviews and book reviews. These submissions should appeal to a broad audience and be written in a fluid, non-technical/non-theoretical prose. Articles in these departments are typically shorter (up to 10 manuscript pages or 2,500 words) and are subjected to a rigorous editorial review process.

The CBR welcomes all contributor inquiries. To facilitate our response please prepare a 200 word summary of your article and specify in the header the appropriate CBR department. Please e-mail your proposal to the email address below. For detailed instructions for contributors please consult the Instructions section in the Inaugural Issue of the CBR .

We at the CBR deeply appreciate the interest you have in this publication and pray that the ideas and exchanges recorded here will be spiritually edifying to our readers. We praise God for the constant opportunity to be re-awakened to the amazing relevance of His Holy Word to every facet of our earthly sojourn, not the least of which is the life we live as business professionals and educators.

The Editors