Endowed Scholarship Criteria

Donors may establish an endowed scholarship at HBU with a minimum initial gift of $10,000, with the understanding that the balance will be increased to at least $50,000 within five years. At that level, the endowed scholarship will begin to provide financial assistance. An endowed scholarship is fully funded once the corpus reaches $500,000.

Donors may identify certain award preferences for an endowed scholarship fund, such as a particular school, academic discipline or department. They also may choose to include other selection criteria, such as merit- or need-based consideration.

Endowed scholarship donors will be honored with a plaque and included in the Endowed Scholarship Society when the corpus of their gift reaches $50,000.

When considering the establishment of an endowed scholarship, remember:
  • Endowed scholarships may be funded with a tax-deductible, charitable contribution of cash or securities.

  • Many companies offer matching gift programs to encourage their employees to make charitable contributions, and matching gift are a great way to increase giving to endowed scholarships.

  • Estates can be used to establish an endowed scholarship.

Make a gift to endow a scholarship today.